Alexa, Open Twitch!

You heard it correctly, Alexa enabled devices can now open twitch with just a flick of the tongue. I mean, you need to say it but you get my drift. 



If you’ve linked your Twitch account, say “Alexa, ask Twitch for followed channels” or “Alexa, tell Twitch to show me channels I follow.”
Discover a new channel for your favorite game or Twitch category by requesting, “Alexa, ask Twitch who’s playing World of Warcraft” or “Alexa, ask Twitch to suggest an IRL channel”.
Get some of the most popular live channels by saying, “Alexa, ask Twitch for popular channels” or “Alexa, ask Twitch which streams are popular.”
Find out the most popular games and categories currently streaming by asking, “Alexa, ask Twitch for popular games” or “Alexa, tell Twitch to suggest a game for me.” You’ll hear a list of popular games/categories and you can select one to hear the most popular channels for it.
Play a channel directly by name with “Alexa, ask Twitch to play [Channel Name]” or “Alexa, ask Twitch to start [Channel Name]”. If Alexa isn’t understanding the channel name correctly, try following the channel and then asking “for followed channels” instead.

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