How playing Fortnite helped me realize a few hidden talents.

                             I can remember back when I joined my first Online clan. It was on Halo 2. I remember the feeling of wanting share my own strategies and when I did it was shun to the side. Our old clan leader at the time wasn’t keen to being spoken over. Whatever he said we did, and that’s it. That was the spark to what generally became a desire for me to become a clan leader and start my own team, not because I wanted to talk, but because I felt that what he strategized wasn’t going to work for us and it proved it never did. Not only was he a horrible leader but he never saw the value of each player and what they brought to the online clan.

After a couple failed attempts I noticed there was a strategy to running a clan, A clan needed strategy and members of that group needed to feel like they were headed in the right direction. Well, I finally gathered a few online players and called my first clan UGS an acronym for United Gangsta Set. (I was a bit of a thug back then.) Anyway, It was then I noticed what works and what doesn’t work, sometimes you test things and finally you get a recipe that cooks just right. Fast forward to now, many years after the UGS phase and well into an era of Battle royale games that has hit the scene with a knockout blow to other game genre’s.

I no longer have a desire to be on a team/ clan but my desire to strategize is still alive. Strategy, to me is long time preparation and planning. It takes years and sometimes decades for some to get just right. But if you have a natural ability/ talent for strategy then it comes quickly and flows organically. For me, I noticed it a while ago but playing Fortnite, really brings it out. Whenever I am on a squad, which is as many of you reading this know, a squad is a team consisting of four players. On that squad, I generally, for “the most part” allow others to call the shots, but loss after loss I begin to get frustrated and sometimes as they call “Rage” in anger because the recipe isn’t working out for us. If I am given a chance however, I strategize and 7 times out of 10 we win. Those are good odds, right?



The strategy is simple, by the time the first storm comes in there is about 3 minutes time for you to pinpoint your next move then base your movement on where the circle is going to be next, sticking to the smaller and closest side of the circle will, If done correctly give you a visual advantage over those that need to rotate to the circle and those that are running from the outside storm. leaving you not worried about getting caught from behind but always watching left, right and what’s in front of you. That’s all besides the point, I am not writing this to tell you how to win at Fortnite but maybe you can try it for yourself one day. The point is, strategy has always been my strong suite. Being meticulous and very methodical at my approach, it doesn’t bother me that we don’t get into action the majority of the game, because I felt the action will eventually come at the end when your facing two or three other teams fighting for the victory royale, it only mattered to me that my approach is working and the recipe works time after time without fail.

Sometimes you make minor adjustments, well as with anything in life you either adjust or get left in a trail of dust. So there are things you need to consider when strategizing on winning at Fortnite, but like the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Sometimes being on a squad with people that don’t care for my play style really bothers me and I think of ways to get rid of them. Sometimes even hurting long time friendships just because they don’t work for the scheme of things. That, some how plays on strategizing too, because there are nights I stay awake thinking of that player and how I need to avoid him the next day or get into a fabricated argument so that I have an excuse to never play with them again. It’s crude I know, but it’s how I think.

I can recall at times people actually saying I suck at games but I know it’s far from the truth, I am good, whether they will admit it to me or not. But, one thing is for sure I am good because I strategize my approach every game I play. Which brings me to where I am today. I have long strategized my approach to Xstream Gaming. I have practiced with other gamers and people of all backgrounds. I have seen what works and what doesn’t. What people like and don’t like. Sometimes even hyping people up for months about a shirt I will send them and never coming out with a t-shirt design till years later is a strategy of mine. I want to make sure that when it comes out, It is actually doing what it’s meant to do and there are people surrounding the idea that are actually good for the idea. Sometimes you mess up and sometimes you need to adjust, but in the end, the adjustments and time spent are well worth it. One of my favorite quotes is from Steve Jobs, God rest his soul. Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.

I have made plenty of mistakes in coming out with something that I thought people would want, but quickly realize it doesn’t work, but the set back does propel me to move forward with other projects. And this my friends, is my other project. A project that I have hoped for, for a very long time. Being a designer I have always wanted to design shirts and what better way to do it, then to design shirts for gamers like me. Now, streaming video games is one of the biggest trends of this generation, and I have placed my talents into position to provide awesome designs for these like minded people. It has proven success and I can’t wait for you to see the upcoming designs in a long time of preparation and strategizing.

But I can’t end on that note, because this is not just a personal blog about me and my designs. This is to prove that even in playing video games you can find out what your hidden talents are, but don’t just stop there. incorporate that natural ability in something that really moves you and inspires you and I can almost guarantee you will find success in what you do and not only do it but enjoy doing it.



by: David Vazquez CEO of and designer behind Xstream Gaming Apparel.

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