Incremental improvement via conscious repetition.

Excelsior.  Latin word often translated as "ever upward" or "still higher" 

From the latin word higher or Altiorem also meaning deeper.

               In order to improve on something you need to dig deep. Improvement comes by repetition but not by repeating an action and expecting a different result. It's much more complicated then that. Repeating an action over and over and expecting a different result is just crazy. In video gaming, if you fight a boss at the end of a level, you will get the same result "death" if you don't figure out the way to actually beat the boss. Let me break that down, Boss' usually have a defense algorythm built in them that sense you doing the same move over and over so they can counter it and defend against it. You, as the user must do something different but in a calculated way in order to defeat the boss.

You probabaly still don't get it. 


Bruce Lee once said I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. For years, I thought this is what you must do, practice over and over until you get it right. But this only makes you good at throwing the kick. What if you encounter someone that defends kicks 10000 times? So, this leads me to believe you must learn many different things 10000 times. Wait, it's much more complicated then that.

In everything you do there are lessons. Lessons you must learn in order to be good at the very thing you want to not suck at. For instance if I dont want to suck at being an actor, I must learn the lessons of being an actor. The study of Actor or Performing arts comes with a plethora of lessons to learn. you won't be a master of performing arts if you don't learn all these lessons. But, you can become an actor if you study one of these lessons and like Bruce Lee mentions, if you throw a kick 10000, you get the point?

In this case, an actor that makes jokes has to find ways to make people laugh, so he will study ways to do that but it won't make him an actor that can make people cry if he doesn't put in the time for that as well. An all around actor has to put in the time for every mode or face he becomes. So, If I wanted to improve on a skill, I need to study what I want to improve at and incrementally improve it by conscious repetition. Conscious being the calculative part of it. If I spend too much time on one facet of acting, I will be good at just that one. So I need to be able to consciously devide my effort, time and emotions to all the many facets of acting If I am looking to become a master of my arts.


So back to the Boss in a Video Game. If the boss is figuring out my moves, I need to trick him by being random but in a calculative manner and by knowing what hurts him most. If I know the high punch on a fighting game takes more xp away then a low punch but causes my character to slow in fatigue then I have to calculate when to throw the high punch right? but, I need to be good at throwing that punch and dodging his attacks as well. So I incremetnally work on all facets of the game and become really good at it. We can argue that you can beat the boss and not have to work on it with such time and effort, but my case is not beating the boss, its how you beat the boss and when facing newer, harder bosses how you overcome them with ease. 

So this brings in the incremental part. If I repeat on my moves incrementally which means slowly but surely, or a small positive change in a variable quantity. I will improve on my overall skill. So in essence if I go to a dojo all day every day for 10 years I 'm pretty much a master of whatever I was doing at that dojo for the past 10 years. Even if I were just mopping!

But let's not confuse an action with a conscious repetition. I can play video games for ten years and not become good a Gaming. But, if I played the same game for ten years then, Now do you see? the conscious repetition is everything. By continuously repeating my skills over and over i'm adding levels of greatness and further elevating myself. Like in writing, I am by no means a writer but if I consistantly write and learn lessons in writing and apply these lessons in conscious repetition, I will be a really good writer.

You can ask, What does this have to do with Xstream Gaming? Well, my young apprentice. If you were a Gamer and you wanted to elevate yourself to higher levels of gaming, you need to improve with conscious repetition and with impovement comes many new challenges. Xstream Gaming is about finding out who you are as a Gamer and conquering those challenges.

"The brand is just a simple way of us consciously repeating our logo in your head."




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